Review of The awakening by Kate Chopin

The AwakeningThe Awakening by Kate Chopin

Sea, sun, bathing and loose summer rules form a recipe for a respite. Warm and welcoming environment, shaped by people with different predispositions gathered under the same soothing conditions, lighten the protagonist’s manners. Her senses, before entangled beyond recognition, suddenly soften and let the melodies, smells and shapes in. Adjustments within her, long having been guided by society’s calls, now slowly, but steadily, change course. In awakening to the stimulants and novelties the protagonist quietly, but firmly, demands her right to feel her own feelings.

If in the works of similar stature the nuances of emotions are often but subtly implied and hidden behind the excessive behavior, they are here stated openly and affectionately. Although we are given free access to her thoughts, it is with less spectacle than any implication could leave us to imagine. It’s a silent, straightforward strength; she doesn’t lose herself in a love affair, but gains vigor from it. Similarly, her decline is more connected with a realization of the eternal gap between human nature and natural laws than it is with love itself. When summer ends, autumn comes and interrupts the immediacy of her bond with nature. Being enclosed between the walls of human invention, she knows no way out, for her awaking progresses linearly and is not attuned with the nature’s cyclic seasons.

18 thoughts on “Review of The awakening by Kate Chopin

  1. So good to hear that, I hope you will like it as well! Do stop by and share your thoughts on it afterwards, I’m curious what you’ll think of it:)


  2. I enjoyed reading your review. By chance I have been reading a series of case studies that deal, in different ways, with the challenge both of an ‘awakening’ and the subsequent possibilities of change and development. I imagine that Kate Chopin’s book would complement such a work. I like the tenor of her writing because it underlines the importance of being in touch with – and comfortable with – our (genuine) emotions. Thank you for posting this review.


  3. Hi thanks for following my blog. I am now following yours. Nice to meet you. I was excited to see the first review was Kate Chopin. I can’t believe I have ran into someone who has read her work. Amazing writer, she was ahead of her time that’s for sure. She needs to be more well known, instead of lingering into obscurity.
    I will try to catch up with the rest of your posts. I am so far behind, so it might take awhile.


  4. Hi Frona, thanks for stopping by my blog and bringing me here 🙂
    You write great reviews. Can I request you review this book called The Romantics by Pankaj Mishra; it is one of the excellent books I have read, and I am sure you will enjoy it too.


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